Features a white bandana, folded as a triangle, with a cute GO Bear dog mascot on it

GO Bear Dog Bandana

GO Transit


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Have a furry friend that’s a fashionista? Take their doggy wardrobe to the next level with this stylish bandana. Not only are bandanas great for helping your dog look stylish, they also provide warmth during the colder months.

This white bandana features a GO Bear design and it’s simple to use – slip the collar through the gusset or tie it directly around your dog’s neck.

  • Available in four sizes to fit most dogs: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Constructed from a durable, jersey-weight micromesh polyester
  • Made in Canada

Size Chart

Pet Bandana sizing graphic, illustrating neckline and flap measurements.

Bandana S M L XL
A. Neckline 20.5" 23.5" 28.5" 33"
B. Flap 10" 11.5" 14.5" 16.5"